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Do you want to know blog and Wordpress blog ,How to used easily and tips of my own - MR.Raut


Tips For Wordpress



If you write a blog entry or post a page on your WordPress site, you should always keep a buzzword in mind. With the Yoast SEO plugin, you can focus on the keyword you want to write about.


This setting is not available in the block editor, but you can add the image title from the media library or your preferred source of content creation. If you use one of the SEO plugins, you can select the Facebook thumbnail image from one of the SEO settings boxes on the Editing screen under Social Tab. You can also select default Facebook thumbnails by visiting one of the social network pages of SEOs.


Depending on the WordPress theme you use, you have several options for postformatting. If you install a new plugin or theme that adds advanced features to your posts or checks custom image settings and you don't see them in your editor, you probably need to return to your screen options to enable them.


Most blogging topics use the latest posts as their starting page, but if you have a topic that contains a custom page or page template, you have the option of creating a custom start page. In this case you can have a custom "About" page for your blog instead of selecting your homepage or home page, designate it as a posting page or leave it blank.


Depending on the topic, you have the option to add tracking code to Google Analytics. If this is not possible, you can use the same header and footer plugin that we used earlier. Open the plugin, navigate to the header and insert the tracking code.


If your theme does not have a built-in landing page, there is an on-site landing page software for WordPress that can help. Whether it is a landing page template or not it has text templates and an extensive library of images to make your site effective. If you learn how to create a website in WordPress page editor, you will find that it will look like a beginner blog from 1999.


Premise Landing Page Software for WordPress creates versatile landing pages that give you complete control over the style of content without knowing one line of code, and it works with any WordPress theme.


More and more people are turning to WordPress to create professional websites that have become a more user-friendly CMS thanks to the availability of high-quality themes, plugins and tools. However, this does not mean that WordPress is an easy platform for small businesses to build a website, and anyone who has used it knows that it will take some time to get used to it.


To reduce the steep learning curve, we have compiled some of the best WordPress tips and tricks. In this article, we introduce you to the most desired WordPress tips, tricks and hacks to help you get used to WordPress like a pro.


You can use custom HTML, CSS and WordPress template tags to create your own layouts of your page pages. You can use the Page Builder plugin to make one using drag-and-drop tool.


This makes it easy for users to select certain elements in the plugin by having a good HTML architecture for each element and intuitive class identification names. The plugins themes can also use CSS instead of their theme styles.cs.


Instead of making it difficult to customize plugins by forcing customers to shimmy through the source code of a plugin, give your users the option of a API that allows them to customize the plugin functionality to their needs. One of my WordPress tips and tricks for reducing plugins is the use of Google Tag Manager. Tag Manager includes features for multiple plugins including Google Analytics, all in one place.


There is a plugin called Require Featured Images that works like a classic Gutenberg editor to check custom posts, but you need to enable it in the plugin settings (Settings > Settings > req > Featured Images ).


This allows you to connect your website to Google and enable Google Analytics for your site. The best way to install Google Analytics is to use the MonsterInsights plugin. To set this up, you can connect your site to Google Analytics by configuring Site Kit > Analytics > Google Analytics.


Details of installing Google Analytics for WordPress can be found in our step-by-step guide to installing. When you insert the Google Analytics code into your theme file, the code disappears when you update or change your theme. More on this topic can be found in our article excerpts and summaries or on the complete post on the WordPress archive page.


One of the easiest ways to find plugins and themes (or all of them) with is to view the source code. In this situation you can discover the competition and find great new plugins.


With SEO plugins, you can bring your search engine optimization to the next level. The more effort you put into your WordPress SEO the more results you will see and the results will come with time. Using SEO plugins and SEO instructions to improve your posts and pages is the best way to achieve this.


Yoast SEO is the best SEO plugin on the market, it is actually what we use at Hostinger. Yoast allows you to optimize pages and posts for your chosen keywords.


Now is the perfect time to review your themes and plugins to make sure they are current and run as they should be. Running a website can feel tedious, even if you manage to regularly update it, but it is important for the speed and security of the pages. Outdated versions and vulnerabilities can compromise the site, and imagine how much time it will take to fix them if malware exists.


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